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A  productivity  enhancement tool  for  the  EMC  document  management  storage  and  retrieval applications,  which  provides  quick  and  easy  health  inspection  of the Application Xtender’s database and repository.


The NTS Newsletter Vault


EMC Workflow Manager Scripting and Solution Provider


EMC ApplicationXtender Web integration in minutes, not in days, using the NTS ASHXtender

NTS AX Export Toolbar

EMC ApplicationXtender productivity tool for easy export TIFF or PDF

Purifier Wizard

EMC ApplicationXtender productivity tool to ensure BIN TIFF vs BIN BMP


Court calendar automation for Courtrooms used by Judge, Bailiff and Attorneys.  No more shuffling papers in the courtrooms!

API Programming

EMC ApplicationXtender API Programming experts since the original OTG days


Canofile Conversion covering Canofile 250, 510, Allbase and Canofile for Windows

Tech Support

NTS Technical Bulletins regarding bug fixes, upgrades and tips and tricks for a perfect integration


NTS authority in Document Management and Workflow Automations

Help How2

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Newsletter February 2017

Newsletter February 2017

NTS Newsletter Volume 2017 Issue 2

Evolution is inevitable!

Technical Bulletin Technical Bulletin

Technical Bulletin: 

OpenText ApplicationXtender 8.1 SP1 is here!

OpenText launched the first service pack for ApplicationXtender 8.1:
  • Certification / Security for Microsoft Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016, and Microsoft Office 2016
  • Image Capture Supportability update and PDF rendering performance enhancements
  • Microsoft Office Integration Supportability update
  • Cumulative Patches
 Read more @ opentext-applicationxtender-8-1-sp1

Simple and Easy AX Integration

Rx-Manager Benefits

Integration in hours not days!

 Read more @ ASHXtender-Promo.pdf

Everyone needs a helping hand

Rx-Manager Benefits

Good health is important, and that also goes for your ECM system.

 Read more @ NTSRxMgr-Promo.pdf

Dell-EMC AX is now OpenText ApplicationXtender

OpenText AX

By now you should have heard that the deal between Dell-EMC and OpenText has been sealed, and the Dell-EMC Enterprise Content Division (ECD) has been sold to OpenText, as announced by OpenText CEO & CTO Mark J. Barrenechea in an open email Monday Jan 23, 2017.

A lot of information about this deal is Documentum, InfoArchive, and LEAP centric.  Very little is mentioned about the Application Xtender product line.  However it has been confirmed that AX, and it sidekicks, are now under the OpenText umbrella.

Helping you achieve a clean ECM System

NTS Purifier Wizard

The NTS BIN Purifier Wizard main job is to convert BMP files to TIFF for the simple reason of compression, which is like 40:1 for a standard 8.5 x 11 letter.  Regain your storage and faster download in Web Xtender.
Read more @ NTSBINPurifierWizard-Promo.pdf

Newsletter January 2017

Newsletter January 2017

NTS Newsletter Volume 2017 Issue 1

Is your Dell-EMC Application Xtender (AX) Application a Hero or a Zero?

New Year Resolution

Rx-Manager Benefits

The Rx-Manager is addressing the needs to ensure a healthy EMC Application Xtender installation that is working properly every day.

 Read more @ NTSRxMgr-Introduction.pdf

Newsletter December 2016

Newsletter December 2016

NTS Newsletter Volume 2016 Issue 12

"So this is Christmas" as the late John Lennon was singing.

"From All of Us, To All of You, We Wish You A Safe and Happy Holidays".

Technical Bulletin Technical Bulletin

Technical Bulletin: 

Dell-EMC DiskXtender Support Nears End December 2017* Begins Phase Out

Can you answer YES to this Dell-EMC AX question?


If not you need the NTS Rx-Manager

 Read more @ NTSRxMgr-AuditStatistic.pdf

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