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A  productivity  enhancement tool  for  the  Opentext  document  management  storage  and  retrieval applications,  which  provides  quick  and  easy  health  inspection  of the Application Xtender’s database and repository.


The NTS Newsletter Vault


Opentext Workflow Manager Scripting and Solution Provider


Opentext ApplicationXtender Web integration in minutes, not in days, using the NTS ASHXtender

NTS AX Export Toolbar

Opentext ApplicationXtender productivity tool for easy export TIFF or PDF

Purifier Wizard

Opentext ApplicationXtender productivity tool to ensure BIN TIFF vs BIN BMP

Retention Schedule

The NTS Retention Toolbar program is created as an extension of the OpenText Application Xtender Imaging program.  It manages when documents should be automatically removed from AX per the Retention Date that is calculated by the Retention Start Date and Retention Policy.


Court calendar automation for Courtrooms used by Judge, Bailiff and Attorneys.  No more shuffling papers in the courtrooms!

API Programming

Opentext ApplicationXtender API Programming experts since the original OTG days


Canofile Conversion covering Canofile 250, 510, Allbase and Canofile for Windows

Tech Support

NTS Technical Bulletins regarding bug fixes, upgrades and tips and tricks for a perfect integration


NTS authority in Document Management and Workflow Automations

Help How2

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What is an AX Power User?

Rx-Manager Benefits

Great question, glad you asked...

 Read more @ RxResource.aspx

Simple and Easy AX / Web Integration

ASHXtender Automation

Integration in hours not days!

 Read more @ ASHXtender-Promo.pdf

AX One Click to show Doc History Info

Rx-Manager Benefits

NTS is again pushing the use of the AX Audit data by adding Statistic to the NTS Rx-Manager program.

 Read more @ RxResource.aspx

Newsletter February 2018

Newsletter Feb 2018

NTS Newsletter Volume 2018 Issue 2

Workflow State Machine

Newsletter January 2018

Newsletter Sep 2017

NTS Newsletter Volume 2018 Issue 1


Workflow Solutions

Workflow Solutions

Many OpenText dealers provide “out of the box” standard Workflow Manager solutions utilizing the ordinary workflow forms.  NTS, with its background in document management automation, has expanded the workflow scripts to take advantage of not only web page designs, but also the client’s current database structures and stored information.   

AX One Click to show Doc History Info

Rx-Manager Benefits

Yes that is correct. We can now directly from inside AX request to see the current displayed documents history. Information like who created the document, who have seen the document and maybe more important who have alter the document..

 Read more @ RxResource.aspx

Newsletter December 2017

Newsletter Sep 2017

NTS Newsletter Volume 2017 Issue 12

Happy Holidays from NTS.

One simple click and you have Document History display in AX

Rx-Manager Benefits

By looking at the current displayed document’s history, new leads to insight can reveal a lot of intersecting information – do not miss this part of Content Service.

 Read more @ NTSRxMgr-DocHistory.pdf

NEW OpenText ApplicationXtender 16.3!

OpenText AX

AX 16.3 Generally Available December 15th 2017


Newsletter November 2017

Newsletter Sep 2017

NTS Newsletter Volume 2017 Issue 11

Have you ever gotten performance statistic from your ECM system?

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